About Us

Edelweiss Dental House has started from our strong intention to provide the most personalized and appropriate dental treatment that really looks into the root cause of the symptom. We intend to treat our patients like our family members, therefore, we do not want to push unnecessary treatment to our loved one and always do our best to keep the patient’s natural teeth as long as we can for their good quality dental health and sustaining natural teeth for a lifetime.

Our dentist team is specialized in various dental fields and has high experience to be capable to offer the efficient dental care with comprehensive range of dentistry. With the team of dedicated dental specialists, well-trained staff, advanced technologies such as 3D imaging technology for implant planning, and emphasis on the sterilization standard, you will experience the ultimate care with quality, exclusivity, relaxing and private atmosphere.

We intend to provide the utmost care and best experience to everyone because we want to create  

Edelweiss Dental House

to be the comfortable place for your family and loved one.

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